Kemei Combo Set KM-Q788 Shaver With Gemei GM-763 Trimmer

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Key Features
  • Combo Set
  • Kemei KM-Q788 Shaver 
  • Gemei GM-763 Trimmer.
  • KM-Q788 Rechargeable Luxury Style Shaver 

    Comfortable to hold and handle, the KM-Q788 Rechargeable Shaver is ideal for use between barber visits. It shapes, shaves, and trims hair quickly and easily and is also rechargeable, compact, and portable for easy on-the-go use. The shaver is slender enough to fit in a toiletry kit, drawer, or medicine cabinet, this helpful grooming device makes it easy to look your best.

    Key Features:

    • Comfortable to use
    • Stainless steel outer foil
    • Rechargeable
    • Charging Indicator


    GM-763 Professional Hair Trimmer 

    Gemei GM-763 Professional Hair Trimmer has a Stainless steel blade variable cutting length and easy to take down the blade. The blades can grind with the alloy foil screen mutually so that they can keep sharp all the year round. Intelligent anti-clip system. Silver Pd alloy motor of high rotational speed. Replaceable battery and battery fully recharges in 8 hours.

    Key Features:

    • Convenient
    • Stainless steel blade
    • With charging indicator light
    • Charging time: 8hrs
    • AC & Rechargeable hair trimmer
    • Full power can be used for about 40mins
    • Silver Pd alloy motor of high rotational speed.