Kemei KM-611 Electric Shaver and Hair Clipper for Men - Black

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Price: Tk1,750.00
  • Model: KM-611
  • Input Voltage: 230V, 50Hz  
  • Power Consumption: 3W 
  • Charging time: 8hrs 
  • Using Time: 25-45mins.
  • Kemei KM-611 Electric Shaver and Hair Clipper for Men

    With the dual precision system that the Kemei KM-611 electric shaver provides, the device shaves even the shortest, stubble hair. Get patented super lift and cut with the help of close shaving that this device provides.

    Aquatic seal for a comfortable dry and refreshing wet shave. As this shaver is used wirelessly, it is very convenient to operate. Skin glide system allows for smooth, low-friction use and minimizes any chance of irritation.

    Safety Warning: 

    • Only the included charger can be used
    • The temperature for the product’s charge and storage should not exceed 5℃-35℃
    • Make sure the charge will not become damp
    • Waterproof grade IPX4
    • Only the shaver head can be washed
    • The body should not be soaked in water
    • Keep children away from this electronic device