Kemei KM-1150 Triple Head Rechargeable Electric Shaver - Blue

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Price: Tk1,699.00
  • Rechargeable
  • Smooth, low-friction skin glide to minimize irritation
  • Used wirelessly
  • Convenient to operate
  • Nose trimmer head, sideburns cutter
  • Uses high hardness cutting blade
  • Floating shaving system
  • Reciprocating independent floating cutter
  • Shaving effect better than rotary cutter.
  • About Kemei

    Kemei deals with different types of electric rechargeable shavers, trimmers, cutter, hair straighteners, and different accessories include Micro-Groomer attachments and many more those are ideal for men and women around the globe. Kemei uses the highest quality materials to ensure the users never have to worry about painful grooming experience. Kemei is continuously bringing quality products for the people with high standard besides much variations to allow people to keep on budget as well. 

    KM-1150 Triple Head Rechargeable Electric Shaver

    This product is a rechargeable shaver. When you use it, just take a little soap and water, switch the shaver on until the soap lathers nicely. Then rinse off with water. This product has three floating razor heads, individually reflex action system can always get close to the facial contour to effectively shave the hair of any lengths and in any growing directions. Reasonable design and the cooperation of three blades will bring about better shaving effect. Rechargeable, used wirelessly, convenient to operate, reciprocating shaver, it uses a hard cutting blade and has 3 rotatory independent floating head structures. Charge, discharge indicator supports 5 hours of fast charging.