USB লাইটর (১ পিস)

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Superman USB Lighter 

Superman metal body usb lighter Advantages: easy to burn without gas, you can use rechargeable, sophisticated fashion Tips: Charge 2 hours, you can use 200 times life: Rechargeable 300-500 158 have 5 seconds extinguished cigarette lighter automatic protection function, just use it normally takes two to some good cigarettes, using the familiar three days later, one-stop (time is designed). Note: If there is soot ignition point, please pour it, or blow it, do not clean up with a hard object, so as not to engage in clean-up when the hot wire off, thank you Electric wire is not blown, ease of use. Materials and packaging machines: White, black, blue plastic shell Gun gray, golden metal shell The lighter comes with USB charging port, U-shape, U-disk storage function does not have.